Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Budget Magic

Time for a new feature!

This week I will be going over how to build up a collection with limited funds. You and three friends split the cost of a 36 pack booster box (for friends, see Friday Night Magic). To make the math simple, this example box will cost $100 even. $100 divded by 4 people equals $25  per person. So for $25 you get 9 boosters (36/4). Most boosters cost about $4 on their own, so you save $11 going this route.

It's up to you how your group splits the cards (i.e. Drafting, "Oooh, I like that picture on the wrapper") but overall you will have 135 new cards from your 9 packs. Keep what you want, sell/trade what you dont.

Just dont be like those kids who see commons and throws them away. You'll be surprised who needs them (i.e. that kid who just threw them out).

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