Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Magic

Today is Friday so you know what that means! ...No, not #ff on Twitter (but go ahead and #ff @BlueWolfTCG :P). It's that time again for Friday Night Magic!

Now some people may claim they have better things to do on a Friday night, but we're gamers and this is the best night of the week.

FNM events are the best way to get involves in Magic locally. You get to meet new players, make new friends (or rivals) and practice tournament formats like Standard and Sealed Draft. If you sign up for tournament play and place 1st or 2nd, you earn an event prize card. If you dont place, you may randomly be selected to win 1 of 2 other event cards.

FNM takes place at local gaming stores across the country, so contact the one near you to see if they participate. I personally hit up Tate's Gaming Satellite, so if you're in the South FL area you know what's up.

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